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Private Guitar Lessons


Teaching Philosophy
You'll learn the secrets of performance based practicing and develop techniques for enhancing your muscle memory. You will benefit from an instructor with years of experience playing and teaching guitar. Whether you play for fun or have a passion for learning the guitar, weekly lessons will help you set goals and see results.


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Teaching Policy

Private lessons are 30 minutes in length (I recommend a full hour for more advanced players). Call to schedule a time that works best for you. Students have one lesson a week. Every week the lesson is at that same scheduled time. I ask that all the lessons for the month be paid for on the first lesson of the month. If you have a credit from the previous month, I ask that you still pay on the first lesson of the month, simply subtract the credit from what you would normally owe. If you must miss a lesson please give me at least 24 hours notice (preferably one week notice). This allows me time to rearrange my appointments or schedule make up lessons so I won't have empty blocks of time in my schedule.


On Wednesdays and Thursdays I teach at Saint Joseph Church located at the corner of Brooklyn and Hale Avenues. On Saturday I teach from my home office located in the Aboite area.

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Suggestions on Practicing
There are no short cuts for achieving excellence. Please remember, practice is crucial because the more you practice, the more you will get out of lessons (and subsequently the more you will enjoy your lessons). I believe that the best progress comes from consistency and perseverance. Try to practice (at the very least) 15 minutes every day. If you skip a day try to make up the missed time in the next practice session. Don't count your lesson as a practice session. Often the most productive practice sessions are after your lesson when you immediately apply what you've learned.


Benefits of Music

Did you know recent studies have linked studying music with academic progress in math and other subjects? Guitar lessons can be a fun way to give your child an advantage in temporal/spatial reasoning skills while teaching them the value of discipline and persistence.


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